Perfect summer time! And even when sometimes it is possible to visit the sea and soak your naked body under the warm rays of the sun, there is enough energy for the whole year. A high-quality documentary of a famous studio about nudist recreation in the Crimea. The main theme of the film is body art, however, the Mummy competition, several quizzes, and the fiery dance of a beautiful brunette are also shown.

First part of the film here

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Water Slide Day

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Colorful and rich album from Czech naturists. It is in the order of things for them to rent a swimming pool and plunge into the good atmosphere of a friendly crowd of like-minded people ...


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One Day at the Castle Fantasia

The famous studio presents a very high-quality and vivid film about the gathering of naturist families. Several naturist families gathered to relax, chat and play. Neither children nor adults are bored, there are no complexes, there is no vulgarity, but there is a normal and healthy lifestyle.

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