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Naked tracks across the Crimea

Crimea - the pearl of the Black Sea! It is not surprising that the main events in the life of nudists and naturists of the entire post-Soviet space occur in Crimea. They strive here, rest here, bathe in the sea and the warm sea breeze. The film is another vivid example of family nudism and naturism, causes healthy envy and sincere joy for those who could and can relax like that ...

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Adventures in Freedom (Adventure 1) / Приключения на свободе (Приключение 1) (обновлены ссылки)



Три подружки - натуристки решили прокатиться на на Aigues Blanques - нудистский пляж на Ибице. Комфортная погода, хорошее настроение и теплое море сделали этот день просто прекрасным.

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The film that most fully describes the beauty and uniqueness of traveling around the Crimea in the nude. Despite the name, most events take place on the Black Sea coast, in the East of Crimea. The main events of the second series of the film take place in Kerch and its surroundings. An eventful and sightseeing movie. One of the best (in my opinion) from the family nudism series.

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