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A film that promotes nudism in all its beautiful manifestations. A vivid example of a good French video of children nudists and their parents, having a rest in Montalivet. This is a city in southern France, which is all created for nudism with nude beaches, hotels, restaurants, public nudity in banks, grocery stores, etc. Today, cameras of any kind are banned on its shores, but this video was shot just before this ban, in the late 1990s. A rare film, there are only a few sites, and, for the most part, the download is paid.

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5 нудистских пляжей

Два преимущества отдыха на нудистском пляже: ваш багаж будет немного легче, а вы сами избежите раздражающих белых полосок на теле. На глобусе рекомендует вам пятерку нудистских пляжей вдалеке от одетого народа.


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