Christmas Jamboree (family nudism, family naturism, young naturism, naked boys, naked girls)


A large group of naturists of all ages arranged a Christmas celebration in a rented room. Competitions among young naturists, then adult nudists (naturists) compete in vocal and original genre, by the end of the film a grandiose joint “Free Chair” is held with children and adults. The whole celebration is led by the Czech Father Frost, an ensemble plays on the stage ....

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Christmas Specials

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So in the Czech community of naturist families are Christmas parties! A table with lots of food and drinks is not the main thing. But the outdoor games, gifts and active communication bring much more benefits!

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Christmas Kinder Spiele

In a large naturist society, adults love to arrange holidays for their children. One of the biggest and brightest holidays, of course, is Christmas. The kids are happy, and adults are happy, it's hot on this winter day, despite the nakedness, especially hot to Santa Claus, who would also be happy to undress, but then no one will recognize him ...

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Grandma Liba organized this wonderful Christmas party at a private club in Ostrava. Nieces and nephews, grandchildren, uncles, aunts and friends all arrived to spend this festive day together. Lots of Christmas gifts. And the most important characters of the Christmas holidays: Santa, Angel and Devil. Lots of dancing and fun, all in a good mood.

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The usual celebration of the New Year in the Czech family naturists. Preparations for the celebration - restoring order, decorating the Christmas tree, setting the table ... Well, then the feast itself and communication. Good and calm movie.

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