Blaze Starr Goes Nudist (1963)

One of the few feature films shot on the theme of nudism and naturism. The plot is quite simple - the famous actress is preparing for the wedding with her producer, but a lot of the problems of a formal nature that have arisen, force her to flee to the naturist camp on the seashore. When the groom finds his bride in a nudist camp, there is a huge scandal, and then what happened - you will see ...

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Nudisten 2010 (updated)

When Magnus left Kerstin, she decided to be naked. Always. The film is a portrait of a woman who, despite her nakedness, will observe more strict standards of society than society itself ...

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Hans Staden (1999)

XVI век. Накануне своего возвращения в Европу после долгого пребывания в Южной Америке в составе португальской и испанской экспедиций конкистадоров, немецкий моряк Ганс Штаден был захвачен враждебным индейским племенем каннибалов. Чтобы избежать смерти, он пытается убедить индейцев, что он не португалец (которых они считали врагами), а француз (их союзник), и что Бог был бы очень рассержен, если они съедят его...

Фильм снят на основе международного бестселлера: "Достоверная история и описание страны диких, голых, суровых людей-людоедов Нового Света Америки”, написанного самим Гансом Штаденом о его пребывании в индейским племени  тупинамба.

The Topless Story (1965)


Fashion designer Nat Pearson in frustrated feelings after the devastating reviews of his next collection decides to unwind and relax. His secretary, Maya with his girlfriend, secretly follows his boss and along with him finds himself on the bare beaches of Greece, Thailand and Japan, as though accidentally colliding with Nat and pushing him to more and more bold behavior ...




Diаry Оf A Nudist (1961/DVDRip)


The editor of the newspaper finds a nudist camp in the forest during the rest and sends a journalist, Stacy Taylor, who would write a derogatory article about it. However, the girl, arriving at the site, finds that she likes this way of life, and writes positive stories. This does not suit her boss and he comes to the camp himself to make sure of the situation ...

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