Family New Year

Family New Year

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We are used to the fact that in naturist families, mothers play the main role, this can be seen in a lot of news published on our website, but in this case, dad is the main adult who helps children not only decorate the Christmas tree, but also have fun, while not disturbing the children. And in the families of naturists it is so ... And here is a quote to this news from our respected TallAnt: A wonderful New Year's album! I specifically asked my girlfriend: "(Name hidden by admin), what's so terrible about these photos?" She looks at me with an uncomprehending look - "in the sense ???" Well, I say - kids, naked ... She: "So WHAT ???" I want to say that for a NORMAL person there can be nothing even the slightest bit offensive in these photographs! All the "dirt" is exclusively in the heads of the "prohibitors", it is they who are maniacs and perverts.


Family New Year


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