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Introduction to the topic

Nudism is the practice of being naked in nature, at home, in society (besides baths and medical examinations) solely by conviction, this definition was given by the International Federation of Nudism and Nudism and Naturism. The first nudists on Earth were, of course, Adam and Eve. The first nudists of our era were young people who preferred to be closer to nature. Refusing to wear clothes, they thereby challenged everything artificial and industrial around them. Today, in the ranks of nudists, people representing all sectors of society and the profession. NATURISM (lat. Natura - nature), the current trend in physical education and sports, the main goal of which is to bring a person as close as possible to nature and, thereby, to improve his body, his spirit. Naturism is a broader concept than nudism. Nudists - lovers in the nude spend time on the beaches, lovers of even tan. And nudists (naturists), undressing, merge in harmony with nature, considering themselves an integral part of it. Naturist clubs have their own separate "nudist" beaches, swimming pools, sports fields, etc., they are created without restrictions on sexual characteristics and age, sometimes in them consist whole families. Naturism originated in Germany (called Freikorperkultur, the culture of the free body) in the early 20th century. mainly among students, since the 1920s it has become widespread in many European countries, in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and other countries where national federations of nudism and nudism and naturism were established. In recent years, the nudism and nudism and naturism groups have become known in the Baltic States and Crimea. In 1990, the Latvian Nudist Society, the "baule”, was created. In their charters and in practice, nudists (naturists) strictly monitor the observance of the ethics of human relationships. Do you know what unites Isadora Duncan, Bernard Shaw, Albert Camus and Maximilian Voloshin? They all loved not to expose their beautiful and not very teles on the beach. So the beau monde then emphasized its peculiarity: we do not accept, they say, your social norms and rules. Nowadays nudism is not only in fashion, but also has practically become widespread. And if you are also a supporter of the rest "au naturel" and are thinking of joining this "undisguised" movement, you are welcome to take a tour of the most naked places in the world ...

The main thing to begin to decide whether you are a naturist or a naturist. What is the difference, you ask? From the outside, everything looks the same, but in reality, as nudists (naturists) with experience do like to prove with foaming at the mouth, there is a huge difference between these two concepts. Nudists (from the Latin "nudus" - naked) - it's just citizens who like to sunbathe naked, and nudists (naturists) (from the English word "nature" - nature) profess the philosophy of unity with nature, united in special clubs and even in everyday life try to wear clothes as rarely as possible. Lovers simply "look at naked women" they will not accept for nothing in their ranks: nudists (naturists) (well, at least according to their manifestos) look at the human body as a normal, natural essence in which there is nothing obscene. Therefore, about the sex surrounded by naked bodies do not think. And if you feel the strength to bravely endure a few hours in the company of a dozen naked women and men


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