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Barfuss bis zum Hals

A good German comedy about naturism. A certain businessman, who made a large fortune in tailoring, decided to arrange a grand vacation for himself for the first time in 10 years.

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Sonner av Norge

I could not help but share with the distinguished guests and users of the site this film from the category of art house. Youthful rebellion, parental misunderstanding, freedom of morals and much more are mixed in this film.

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Going to California

An unexpected naturist camping adventure between two friends led to the formation of two opposing sides with different approaches to diet and exercise. Dispute should resolve volleyball match

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The story of the "space Mowgli" - the Kid, a human child raised by a mysterious alien race... The story of cosmonauts trying to get in touch with his "teachers" through the Kid... One of the most poetic and most fascinating stories of the Strugatsky brothers...
Previously published on 02/06/12

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The Tale of the Floating World

Who are we? Do we have complete knowledge of ourselves? Do we understand our thoughts and desires correctly? Are we confident in our abilities to face our enemies? If our enemy is like us, does that mean we have reached perfection?

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Goldilocks And The Three Bares

Despite the fact that this film was not filmed in the former USSR, it lay on the shelves, without air, for almost 36 years. The story of three men who work in the entertainment industry, looking for themselves in this life, who meet a fellow traveler on their life path, who later turns out to be a nudist... 50 years ago, in films of such genres, showing from the side of the face was prohibited, however, directors, checking censorship for lice, still allowed some “flare”.

Previously published 09/30/13

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