Smoothy Days are Here Again!


Smoothie Days is a traditional naturist festival held in the Dutch town of Flevo by the local naturist organization, the Smoothie Group. This film was made at the 13th such festival, where nudists (naturists) from different countries gathered. In addition to traditional dances and body art, the participants spent the evening in the Mexican style (well, why not wear a big hat), and also make and launch water rockets.
Once upon a time there was a quiet land known as Flevo, where all kinds of wild ducks and rabbits lived peacefully among the trees and the flowers. Then one day a new species was created and nothing was ever quite the same again: yes, the Smoothies were born, and Flevo Natuur became the base for their annual festivities and the rabbits and ducks just had to resign themselves to this period of fun and games.
When the Dutch Smoothy Group, under the presidency of Gerard and his wife Ria, organize the 13th International Smoothy Days, once again KCN cameras are there to record the events as they unroll. Water-rocket making and launching, a Mexican evening, swimming in the indoor pool, shopping, loads of games, fun and laughter, and to cap it all, a combined national dance sequence devised and directed by Gala.
Another great event captured for all time on film, and which you'll enjoy as if you were really there.

Production year: 2004 г.
Duration: 1:17:39
KCN Productions

Audio кодек: MP3
Video: XviD, 608x448, 25.000 fps, 3169 kbps
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3, 48000Hz, 128 kb/s, Joint Stereo

Archive size:
1.79 GВ

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