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New Year Family Party

A pleasant surprise for the members of the club is almost an hour-long film, whose photo album was published a day ago. The naturist family preparing for the New Year, father and children, come to us from static images in the video format ...

The greatest thanks to our active member of the TallAnt club for the material provided!


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Miss New Year

Naturist girls and girls on New Year's Eve decided to arrange a game contest for the title of "Miss New Year." The competition was a success, and although there were awards for the winners, there were definitely no losers!


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 Christmas sheer - and Happy Naked New Year

The film takes us to merry and kindly frosty Christmas holidays. Kiev nudists (naturists) decided to have a big family holiday of the New Year and Christmas in one of the boarding houses near Kiev. A cool combination of naked tala in the frosty air and the sharp heat of a heated sauna ... mmmm ... what can compare with these sensations! A vivid example of healthy family nudism and naturism!


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