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Koktebel Neptun 2010
A high-quality and almost professionally made amateur film about the celebration of Neptune Day in the post-Soviet nudism and naturism stronghold Koktebel. In contrast to the previous decades of Koktebel nudism and naturism, here we see not quite positive trends. A lot of onlookers - textile workers, who, armed with video-photo equipment, drooling, remove everything and everyone. The poor team of nudists, which is fenced off from the dressed world only with a thin ribbon, is a glamorous and liberated society, not giving the impression that they are surrounded by outspoken voyeurs. Well, okay, if you let go of negative thoughts, and to plunge into the thick of things, then all is not so bad. The holiday, during which the chic body art competition is held, was a success. As for me, I would transfer the capital of nudism to more uncivilized regions of the Crimea, for example, to Tarkhankut (along Dzhangul) or Okheretey bay near Olenevka, there is where to roam and there are no idle onlookers.


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My Queen Karo

Karo is 10 years old, she has loving her and each other's parents. In the courtyard of the 70s, and they came to live in Amsterdam, in one of the many communes. But not everything is so easy in this life. While the girl is having a carefree time, the relationship between parents becomes more complicated, the adults in the commune are completely mired in their “utopian” existence, so that children become unwitting witnesses of “adult” relationships. Karo loves his mother, respects his father, is hard going through a lot of problems that have come and comes to understand that there is no eternal carefree ...

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О пользе сна голышом


Многие люди не признают пижам и ночных сорочек, предпочитая спать нагишом.  И, как оказывается, неспроста – наука утверждает, что сон без одежды полезен во многих (и иногда совершенно неожиданных) отношениях.


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