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Very good dacha, judging by the film, somewhere hectare 3 so accurately. Honestly, in order to have fun with like-minded people from a naturist society, it is not necessary to be on the seashore. Here, in a green meadow, among hills and small plantations, members of the naturist society, both children and adults, feel right like fish in water. Bright, enchanting film that is just not boring to watch.

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5 нудистских пляжей

Два преимущества отдыха на нудистском пляже: ваш багаж будет немного легче, а вы сами избежите раздражающих белых полосок на теле. На глобусе рекомендует вам пятерку нудистских пляжей вдалеке от одетого народа.

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Naked Sun, Naked Fun

The name of the film absolutely accurately reflects its content. On a warm sunny day, naturist families rest in one of the campgrounds. Outdoor games, splashing in the pool, simple indulgence, dances and competitions - both adults and children participate everywhere

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A large group of naturist families gathered to spend the next day off in nature in company with beautiful horses. Both adults and children enjoy riding these graceful animals. In addition, vacationers nudists (naturists) hold contests, communicate and bathe in a small pool. Naked riders, and even more riders - a very beautiful sight ...

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