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This film from a famous studio shows how a real gym class can be conducted in a fun and entertaining way. After such an active holiday, when you can fool around, be transformed, play a role, for sure the dream will be strong and health will be strengthened. A good example of the fact that family nudism and naturism benefits not only with passive recreation, but also with active.


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Cottage Colony

A large group of members of the family of family nudism and naturism took advantage of the good weather and went out of town to relax, pay attention to children, socialize and just enjoy direct communication with nature.

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At Monika's Home

Monica invited her best girlfriends to her home. It’s good that all of them are united by the love of nudism and naturism, which gives them freedom of communication and emancipation. Friendship, like-mindedness and good mood are beautifully shown in this film. Quality film from the famous studio.

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Naturist Hotel Party

1659 jpg | 2000 x 1333 | 1.36 Gb

Czech nudists (naturists) do not cease to please us with albums from their meetings. There were parts of this album on the site, but here it is the most complete.


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