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Happy Birthday Petra

The naturist families are very sensitive to the upbringing and development of their children. This film shows how brightly and richly you can make the celebration of the birth of your child among friends and associates. Petra accepts gifts, under the supervision and guidance of adult children participate in contests and games, nor any prejudices and complexes - children develop and develop very psychologically healthy. In the post-Soviet space, it is difficult to understand that in Western countries it has already become normal and mundane (meaning family nudism and naturism), not shocking, but in a healthy way (in people without deviations) it causes envy.
At the end of the film a small 3-minute bonus "Naturist girls and horses"

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Welcome To Our World


One of the best films that popularize family nudism from a famous studio. Several families travel around Azov. Despite the nature of the steppe and the lack of attractions, they have something to do. Spread mud and rub it on a friend, wash the car after a long journey, and most importantly - the sea ...

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Naturist Sport Medley 1

It often happens that the first part of films appears much later than the subsequent parts. This is the first part of a long-published film about the rest of the Czech members of the society of family nudism and naturism on the banks of the reservoir. This film has a large selection of photos, which is also published on our website.

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Bunnies and Pussycats

Cool movie from a famous studio. The fantasies of members of the society of family nudism and naturism know no bounds. This time the costume (if the pictures on the body can be called costumes) the show was arranged on the theme of our smaller brothers, delicate and fluffy.

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The United Colors Of Naturism

Each of those who were naked on the Crimean beach, always tried to cover his body with clay ... An indescribable feeling when dried clay was used and, like, dried every inch of our skin.
However, when the clay is washed off with water, the skin becomes like that of a baby — delicate and silky, breathing with each of its times.

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Wading Shallow Waters

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Family nudism and naturism on the seashore. First, all together put pictures on the body, then all this is washed together in warm water of the Black Sea.


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