Hercules at Admetus (1986)

Hercules at Admetus (1986)

Hercules at Admetus (1986)

We continue to plunge into the magical world of ancient Greek myths. This time the myth tells about Admet (his name was mentioned in the Iliad), who was predicted to have a very short life.

Moira (Greek goddesses of fate), who predicted this, indicated to Admet that his life could be saved, but only at the expense of another. Admet goes in search of a man who is ready to voluntarily die, but the only such person is his wife Alcestis. Hercules, who came to visit Admet, learns about what happened and goes to Hades (the underworld) in order to save the soul of Alcestis in the battle with Tanat (the god of Death). Victory was for Hercules! In the morning, Hercules brings a woman under a veil to Admet's doorstep as a thank you for hospitality, but Admet refuses the gift, and when the veil is thrown off the woman's head, Admet recognizes her Alcestis...

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Hercules at Admetus (1986)


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