Sonner av Norge

Sonner av Norge

I could not help but share with the distinguished guests and users of the site this film from the category of art house. Youthful rebellion, parental misunderstanding, freedom of morals and much more are mixed in this film.


Little Nikolai moves to the town of Rikkinn with his family of radical leftist convictions. The father-architect - a good-natured red-haired giant - is sure that “Coca-Cola is the black blood of capitalism”, and the children, who have picked up from adult free ideas, are trying to disrupt Christmas dinner with the “Down with their parents!” manifestation, but the riot fades away, stumbling upon unanimous support dad and mom. The protagonist in his hereditary rebellion will go even further and after six months of living in a fine suburbia he will become a desperate punk, aptly throwing a beer bottle right in the forehead of the mayor. Paradoxically, in free Norway, this offense is credited to youngsters, "who are simply obliged to rebel."

Previously published on 02/25/2014

Sonner av Norge

Sonner av Norge

Sonner av Norge

Sonner av Norge

Sonner av Norge

Release year: 2009

Country: Norway

Video: avi, 720х304, 2331 kbs, 25 fps

Audio: 48 kHz, 448 kbs

Duration: 01:24:12

Archive size: 1 404.45 Mb

Password to the archive: Gjyelbv (with a capital)



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Rinochka Offline 28 February 2014 17:32
Слышала про это  фильм, но никак не удавалось его посмотреть. Теперь, уверенна, получится. Спасибо.
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