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Collection of add-ons for already published news from an active member of the TallAnt club, family nudism and naturism - the topic is revealed! The collection contains the following folders: Blue Bandana Swimming 09, Frutiest Orchard Run - 06, Green Barbeque Festivity - 04, Log Balancing In Park 10, Peaceful River Nook - 06

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An excellent quality collection to complement the already published news from our active club member TallAnt, family nudism and naturism in the best possible way. This collection contains the following folders: Frolicing In The Sand - 5, Frutiest Orchard Run - 7, Horses Out In Nature 9, Hugging The Dry Earth 1, Hugging The Dry Earth 2, Hugging The Dry Earth 3, Hugging The Dry Earth 4

Fitness Girls

Very high-quality both in the image and in the content of the film of a famous studio. Everyone knows that adherents of nudism and naturism respect and support a healthy lifestyle. So in this film, the mothers rented a gym, took their daughters with them and enthusiastically engaged in self-improvement. Of course, for children, this is more game and self-indulgence, but at this age the body and healthy mind are strengthened in this way. What can be better than to engage in the improvement and tempering of your body when there is no constraining clothing and when you are in the circle of like-minded people !? The film vividly popularizes family nudism and naturism and a healthy lifestyle.


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Poolside Activities 1

An interesting film on family nudism and naturism. Adults with children visited the pool, where the children not only splashing in the water, but also actively engaged in physical exercise - darts, pushups from the floor, the swing of the press, etc. A vivid example when naturist families have complete idyll and mutual understanding, strengthening the child’s psyche, proper development . The second part of here


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