A very interesting and high-quality film about the Zo'é tribe, living in harmony with nature and with each other, in the forests of the Amazon...

This tribe is also known as Poturu, Poturujara or Boers. The term "Zo'e" means "with us", i.e. not enemies. The term "Poturu" comes from the type of wood that is used to make the embe'po (labret) - a very small piece of the only men's clothing...


All Zo'e wear the poturu, a wooden fang pierced in the lower lip, which is associated with the teeth of small rodents.


The mating rituals of the Zo'e are complex and not fully understood. It is not known how many wives or husbands are allowed. Many women are polyandry (have multiple husbands).


The tribe lives in the State of Para, Northern Brazil. They lead a semi-nomadic lifestyle of hunters and gatherers. Their favorite prey are monkeys, which are very abundant during the dry season. During the rainy season, the Zo'e rely on the roots of the cassava plant, which are processed into flour, to avoid its poisonous properties.


Tribal total population 256 (2010)


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