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Happy Nude Year (family nudism, family naturism, young naturism, naked girls, naked boys)

A large society of family nudism and naturism decided to make a holiday for its members. The hall was rented, the scenario of the holiday was drawn up ... You can see how everything turned out in this film.

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Gobbledigook Large

I don't know who sings, I don't know about what... However, the clip itself, the music itself, are saturated with such strong energy that it was impossible not to share this news with you, especially since the clothes on the clip's characters are completely absent. Can we meet musical nudism and naturism?

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Laborde (nudism, naturism, family nudism, family naturism, nude beach, naturists in nature)

An excellent documentary introducing us to a four-star naturist resort located in the south of France - Laborde. There is everything to completely relax and unwind. Nautrist children and their parents will find wonderful playgrounds, cozy bars, transparent pools...

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