Sun West / Elysium (family nudism, family naturism, naked girls, naked boys)

5 small documentaries on retro nudism filmed in the USA in the 1960s for the American Sunbathing Association (ASA). At that time, nudism was not persecuted as it is now, and naked people had the opportunity to relax in nature without problems with families or alone. The famous model of those times Diane Webber, a very pretty person, starred in the commercials.

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Educating Julie

Julia is a rather timid and modest college student, which is why she is assigned to write a research paper on the topic "Nudity of the 1980s". And so Julia and her friend Steve go on a trip. They visit the nudist beaches of England, the south of France and Florida in order to answer the question - why do these people like to be naked? An interesting and educational film.

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Baska (family nudism, family naturism, naked girls, naked boys)

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"Do not enter in clothes! Do not go out without clothes!" this is how you can call this small album, which shows a typical beach day and the entrance to the beach for nudists. Everything is natural!

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