Fun and hilarious movie. A large group of naturists took the small water park by storm. All rides and slides are at their disposal. Where do you get so much energy and strength to have such an active rest?! I think that after such a day of active rest, the children slept very soundly.

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Naked Celebrations (family nudism, family naturism, young naturism, naked girls, naked boys)

This is a holiday that the Synetech studio arranged for us. Another story about the life of Australian naturists. Walks in the rainforest and other attractions, evening dances with fire, beach fun. Nudity in the right place and with the right thoughts ceases to be something vulgar and forbidden, children and adults relax naked and they like it and no one forces them to do it. And how cool it is to smear yourself with mud and feel like an Australian aborigine for a while!

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Your attitude to naturism

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