Mowgli And The City Boys

An excellent film, made long ago, but nevertheless always relevant. The naturist children decided to make a film in which the parents stay behind the scenes. In the story, a group of kids decided to walk in the wild forest, and then one of the boys was bitten by a poisonous snake ... What should I do? Two savages come to the rescue, who not only cure the bitten one, but also teach all "urban" people to a naked lifestyle.


Well, boring just lying on the beach and lazing around! Here and in this case, adults with the children wrote the script and brought it to life in a small film, filmed, on an amateur camera. The essence of the film is that two boys decided to find gold in wild places, not knowing that there lives a free naked tribe. Once captured, gold miners are attached to the life and customs of this tribe. Adults and especially children are satisfied, because they have appeared in the present, albeit an amateur film.


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 Альбом от пользователя - 17 (перезалита)

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Очень хороший альбом, передающий великолепное настроение его персонажей. Здесь нет профессиональных моделей с их стандартными позами и натянутыми улыбками, здесь обычные нудисты - натуристы в обычной для них обстановке - природа, водоем...

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Материал опубликован благодаря члену клуба и просто хорошему человеку: TallAnt.


Sweet Little Kristinka

Very high quality film from a famous studio. I do not know why this name was given to the film, because it’s just a good and kind naturist bachelorette party where girls, girls and women gathered to celebrate the holiday - the birthday of little Christina. A naked holiday, when you are not hammered by clothes, when you are dressed only in a festive cap ... Games, good mood, warm communication. Naturism truly sows good and joy. Inside the film is a small bonus - a tour of the latest films from the famous studio. Enjoy watching!



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