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This is perhaps one of the most comprehensive and high-quality albums about visiting the families of naturists dolphinarium. How harmonious and natural is communication between a naked person and a dolphin!

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Whirlpool-Spa DVD

Another masterpiece from a famous studio. Young mothers with their daughters decided to arrange a chic holiday in one of the spas. Family nudism and naturism are popularized very vividly (only fathers and husbands are missing, but they most likely do not get bored).
  As with all the original discs of this studio, a great bonus is attached to the main movie ...
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A film that promotes nudism in all its beautiful manifestations. A vivid example of a good French video of children nudists and their parents, having a rest in Montalivet. This is a city in southern France, which is all created for nudism with nude beaches, hotels, restaurants, public nudity in banks, grocery stores, etc. Today, cameras of any kind are banned on its shores, but this video was shot just before this ban, in the late 1990s. A rare film, there are only a few sites, and, for the most part, the download is paid.

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Naturism in Russia Body Art

The film is of excellent quality from the famous studio. If the body is naked and there is a creative streak, one necessarily wants to draw something on the body of a friend or one of them. The art of painting the naked body among naturists is quite developed. A vivid example of family nudism and naturism with elements of fine art.

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Veronika has Become a Mother

A joyful event - the birth of a child ... In the naturist society congratulate Veronica, who became a mother, friends and girlfriends, some with children, gathered on this occasion. All congratulate the young mother and wish her and the baby health. Let the worthy and happy change grow in the glorious naturist society!

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Fantasy Island

Excellent quality film about the rest of four charming nymphs on an exotic island. Only girls and nature ... A beautiful sight of the naked body against the sea, in the pool, on the tennis court, on the massage table, will not leave you indifferent.

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Another good, kind and high-quality film from a famous studio. It does not require proof of the fact that the children of nudists and naturists grow up to be more developed in moral terms, and among them there are no people with sexual deviations. If the child from the very beginning of his life does not focus on nudity, but is presented as a matter of course, then the questions that arise in other children at puberty disappear by themselves. In the film, the children play, have fun, and the adults returned to their childhood and enthusiastically participate in competitions.

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